Sunday, June 11, 2017

UPAEP 1st Week at CMH Paris

Welcome UPAEP Faculty Led Paris Program 2017

An overview of your learning experience during the 1st Week here in Paris.  While the focus is on Digital, the sessions this week:

  • Are NOT lectures, but using digital tools and platforms, that will be helpful in your careers + personal life
  • NOT a tech course - no need for computer expertise, just a willingness to try new things
Source : Blue Bus

The topics we will cover together are exciting and advanced ... putting you ahead of other students and in the marketplace.  Here is a list of topics:
  • Start each session with a creative exercise + a new tool
  • Session 1 - Omnichannel customer journey
  • Session 2 - AM - Mobility, Chatbots + Messaging
  • Session 2 - PM - H2H - Human Factor in Digital Era
  • Session 3 - AM - Think Beyond the Watch - Wearables
  • Session 3 - PM - ORM - Online Reputation Maximization
  • Session 4 - AM - Engagement in Social Media
You will have a little bit of 'homework' to be prepared for the next day's session. This will permit us to get right to work and maximize for classroom time.

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Questions, comments and ideas are all welcome!!

I will continue to post Paris events and ideas to your UPAEP Paris 2017 Mobile Site - You can use it all during your Paris trip!!