Session 2 AM

Mobility, Chatbots + Messaging

Work from Session 1

  • Create your blog on blogger - this is where you will post all of your work for the digital week sessions
  • Try out Notegraphy
  • Write a post in your blog - Impact of Customer Decision Journey in your selected industry
    • Feel free to search for an image to visualize your point of view - upload in your blog post

Session 2 - Mobility, Chatbots + Messaging

Session Outcome

  • Understanding the use of chatbots for customer communication, service and purchasing

Define - 

  • Research the definition of chatbots and post a definition in your blog, using your own words - Spanish OK
  • Find a Youtube video of a chatbot example, embed in your blog
  • Research 'conversational commerce' - post a definition in your blog

Concept - Presentation - we viewed chatbots yesterday during session 1

Impact - what do you think - create a post in your blog

  • How will messaging change customer service in your industry
  • How does purchasing via chatbot impact your industry

The Way Forward - Links and Resources

Survey + Submit your Work - please this link

Homework - for Session 3