Session 1

Customer Path to Purchase Decision

  • Creative Start - a fun, creative tool to get our digital week started
    • Notegraphy 
    • Action - sign up, create a Notegraphy, post the image in your blog
      • Find a quote - create a quote - in Spanish = ok
  • Blog - the place for all your Digital Week Work - and any other expeirences you wish to share
    • Action - create a blog - this will be the place to post all your classwork + digital exercises
      • I recommend Blogger - use a Gmail account; admin in Spanish
    • Action - Post your Notegraphy image in your blog
Source: McKinsey Consulting

  • Session Outcome
    • To understand the changes in customers' decision making as a result of digital + mobile + social
  • Define -
    • Research online a defintion of 'customer decision journey', ok to use Spanish
    • Write in your blog, the definition in YOUR own words
    • Research in Google images + find a visual that expresses your understanding of 'customer decision journey', upload in your blog
  • Concept - Presentation

  • Impact - exercise
    • What do you think?  How will these changes impact your industry?
  • The Way Forward - Links and Resources
  • Survey + Submit your Work 
  • Homework for tomorrow's session
    • view this short video on chatbots Chatbots Quick Vid
    • find an example of a chatbot in use, 
      • select the industry you are interested in
      • post a link in your blog, to the site with the chatbot
      • you can share in the class tomorrow!!

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